What is learnpro?
Learn Pro is your “One Stop Shop” portal where you can inteliigently explore, select and subscribe to some of
the world’s finest online and blended learning certification programs to enhance your educational and career
The experience is seamless with an easy interface to understand the program objectives, outcomes, duration,
ertification(s) and online payments.
How do I signup?
All you need to do is register yourself as a learner on the portal and then imagine what you want to be, create your learning path by choosing one or more programs and pay through a convenient and secure Paypal payment
How and how soon will I receive my login, registration credentials?
Our standard turnaround time is within 48 hours of the successful registration.
Can anyone around the world sign up for the course?
Absolutely. We believe in 24×7 365 days learning that is accessible to all motivated learners around
the world.


Is there a pre-test or eligibility criteria for courses?
For some select programs, especially at the higher end of technical skills, a pre-test shall be administered to assess your readiness. We want you to be able to complete the programs and be successfully certified.This process is in your interest. All programs that require a pre-test will have the details in the program description.
Are these programs accredited?
Most of these programs are accredited by elite global universities. Program descriptions have clear indication whether the programs are accredited or not.
Will the courses be provided in any other languages?
At the moment our programs are all in English language barring some English language learning programs that may be bi-lingual.
What are the timings of the courses?
The duration of the programs range from a few days to 18 month. However, a large majority of the programs
can be completed in a few weeks. The program duration is specified in the program brief.
Can I join in a course that has already started?
Some programs, especially blended programs with live lecture component, have a joining date. Please review
the program description carefully to ensure you are eligible to apply.
Number of courses that I can take?
There is no limit to how many programs you can take simultaneously. As a busy student or professional we
however recommend that you carefully assess how much time you can spare on a daily, weekly, monthly basis and fit that with the total commitment required.
Can I join a course again that I previously left?
If the program is of a fixed duration and defined window you may not be able to join the course again. Most programs are however open ended and you can complete them at your pace. In some cases the access to the programs may be for a limited time like 12 months and we recommend that you review the program description and limitations carefully before subscribing.
How much time and practice is required for the course after class?
The programs require some assignments and sometimes pre-work. The work load for these is clearly outlined in the curriculum.
What benefit do students get after completing a course?
You can master skills, include the program as a qualification in your resume and build further expertise in your chosen area by taking advanced courses. In short, you will shine as a motivated student/professionals as you aspire for a new job or furthering your career through a promotion to a higher level.
Can I mention that I am an alumnus of this university or institute after I complete the program successfully?
Some programs especially diplomas allow you to claim an alumni status. Kindly review the program description carefully to understand this aspect.
I have completed my course, how and when will I receive my certificate?
The certificate shall be sent to your desired mailing address provided as a mandatory completion form at the end of the program.


What is the cost of joining a course?
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How do I pay?
Simply click on the pay tab and you will be directed to either the Paypal link on our website or our
training/education partner site with a online payment gateway.
Are there any hidden charges?
No. You only pay what is advertised on the site.
What policy is used for cancellation and refund?
The first 48 hours after registration and payment are intended for you to consider a cancellation or refund. We  may levy a cancellation charge of 10% of the program fee. This is to recover our administrative costs and payments made to the gateway providers.